At Pedestal Bank, we have made a promise to those we serve to stand up for traditional values against a backdrop of modern banking.

We strive to elevate the overall banking experience, providing a higher level of service that meets our customers’ needs, exceeds their expectations, and reflects the communities where they live.

We expect to fulfill that promise, every day.

Born from the union of City Savings Bank & Trust, Coastal Commerce Bank, Kaplan State Bank, Teche Bank & Trust, and Tri-Parish Bank, we stand together as Pedestal Bank.

Our Partners

Together, these partners are the cornerstone of what we represent, they drive our decision making and guide us in all we do.


We know that customer service cannot be an empty promise. It’s a commitment that must be renewed each and every day.  Customers do not remember transactions; they remember how we make them feel. At Pedestal Bank, our goal is to give customers an elevated banking experience – to make them feel like they are lifted up and are the only customer, every time.


We are only as strong as the communities we serve.  Commitment to our communities is one of our core values and we live that commitment not only through financial support and community leadership, but also through our volunteer program, Project Elevate, which gives our employees up to twenty hours of paid volunteer time to get involved and make a difference in the market we serve.


You can’t take great care of customers unless you take great care of employees. We want every employee at Pedestal Bank to look forward to coming to work each day. This is an environment where you are empowered to make people’s days and accomplish your dreams. Our employees get satisfaction out of their work and believe they can make a positive difference right here and where we live.


Our shareholders place a large amount of confidence in us. Pedestal Bank understands that with committed shareholders, we can continue to grow and expand to achieve our purpose.

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