Save More. Make More.

It’s a simple prospect, really. The more you can set aside, the better the chance you can make that money grow. With a wide variety of options from traditional savings accounts to money markets and from CDs to IRAs, Pedestal Bank offers you options that help to keep elevating your bottom line.

Our savings account service means a solution for everyone:

  • Savings Accounts & Health Savings Accounts
  • Personal Money Markets & Christmas Club
  • Certificates of Deposit & IRA Certificates of Deposit

For personal or business, debit cards are the quick and easy answer.

Pedestal Bank debit cards look like credit cards but act like checks. Use them to get cash at any ATM in the country and make purchases without the hassle of bringing out your checkbook. You'll get your own PIN and it's free to use anywhere Mastercard® is accepted. Apply today.